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To help prospective adoptive parents decide what color/pattern they like best 

Please email for current availability - state what color/pattern/sex is desired

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Blue Tortie Colorpoint

Blue Colorpoint

Bluepoint Mitted 

CharleneAvatar L Lewis
Bluepoint Mitted w/Blaze
CrownGloryForrest SMarsh

Seal Colorpoint

Sealpoint Mitted

MadGraceAvatar LHarmon

Sealpoint Mitted w/Blaze


Sealpoint Bicolor 


MaddieEthan SBaricar
CarmelloAvatar STurner

Seal Lynx Colorpoint 

Seal Lynx Point Mitted

CarmelloAvatar Carmelita

MadGraceAvatar HSchmidt 

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor

Health Guaranteed, Outstanding Type & Temperament,
Magnificent Blue Eyes





due to the high volume of phone calls....
all initial contacts and preliminaries must be done by email

thank you

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