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The Flame Point Ragdoll Color

The extremities: face, ears, feet and tail are an intense color of redish orange.
Flame Point Ragdolls come in all patterns: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor.

Flamepoint Mitted Villaroyal Ragdoll Cat  

Villaroyal "Robin"

Flame Point Mitted Female


Villaroyal "Napoleon"

Flame Point Male

  Flamepoint Villaroyal Ragdoll Cat


Flame Point Bicolor Ragdoll Cat  

Dandenong "Simply Red"

Flame Point Bicolor Male

Courtesy of Rosemary Howarth


Villaroyal Breeds Ragdoll Cats and Kittens in the following
Patterns and Colors:

(click the links to view photographs of each)

Colorpoint      Bicolor
 Pointed Colors
Seal     Flame     Tortie
Blue    Cream
Lynx (Tabby) Point
Blue-Eyed White



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