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The Blue Point Ragdoll Color

Gray color on the points or extremities of the cat: face, ears, feet and tail.
Body is light gray or beige.

Available in all patterns: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor.
 Tabby or lynx is also available.


Blue Colorpoint  Villaroyal Ragdoll Kitten

Villaroyal "Sir Riley"

Blue Colorpoint Kitten


Villaroyal "Linus"

Blue Colorpoint Male

owned and loved by Chester and Vivien


Villaroyal "Charlene"

Blue Point Mitted Female


Villaroyal "Lila"
Blue Lynx Point Mitted Female Kitten


Blue Lynx Point Mitted Villaroyal Ragdoll Kitten

Blue Lynx Point Mitted Villaroyal Ragdoll Cat

Villaroyal "Mercedes"

Blue Lynx Point Mitted Male


Ch RW BellaPalazzo "Ethanial"

Blue Point Bicolor Male


Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Villaroyal Ragdoll Cat

Villaroyal "Blue Blossom"

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Female




Health Guaranteed, Outstanding Type & Temperament,
Magnificent Blue Eyes



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